Players' Stories

Huntingdon Hockey Club

Players' Stories

For those thinking of joining us, here some of our players talk about their experiences.


Jo: I knew nothing about Huntingdon Ladies Hockey Club when I decided to pop along to a training session. Being an older player returning to the game after 24 years, i was a bit apprehensive as to what standard and age the players would be. Straight away I was made very welcome by the coach and a lot of the players. There is a wide range of ages and abilities, and I quickly realised that everyone mixes well and no-one is treated any different. I have played for the 2nd team and they are such a great bunch of girls! There is no pressure when playing matches, only encouragement. No-one shouts at you if you make a silly mistake either! There is a lot of socialising after games and other social events too. Again, age is no barrier. This club is perfect for me and i have enjoyed every minute so far. If you are considering a return to hockey, I would recommend you give our club a try.


Emma: Last September I finally plucked up the courage to get back into hockey - unfit, 32 years old and with 17 years out of the game I was unsure what sort of reception I was going to get at a competitive club. I work in Huntingdon so I searched the nearby area for teams. There were a number to choose from but I plumped for Hunters - I don't why, but I'm glad I did. On arriving at the astro for the first training session I was apprehensive about my ability, and worried whether I'd fit in or it would be cliquey. Thankfully, I couldn't have been more wrong. They welcomed me with open arms - literally (Chelsea, Karen) - and I've not looked back since. It's actually more like a family. I'm sure those apprehensive feelings are shared by people many considering returning to a sport after time out, and it's such a terrible shame that someone might be put off by that and end up missing out as a result. My initial misgivings have been proved completely wrong so if you're considering joining, take it from me, go for it! The training is great with Paul who has so much experience and the ladies are all lovely whether they're still playing in school or they've been at the club for decades. I've massively improved my fitness, regained some of the lost county hockey skills I had when I was younger and never enjoyed the game more. I look forward to training on Tuesdays, Saturday matches, and the socialising too (for those who want to). Thanks Hunters and here's to the next season!


Nicola: I joined a little into last season and I have to admit I was pretty apprehensive, worried that everyone would be far better than me and intimidating. When I arrived everyone was so welcoming and cheery and the training session was not only good physically, but really good fun and relatively relaxed. There is a huge range of ability so I felt very comfortable. As a younger member of the club I found the older members taking very good care of me and giving me advice (and paying for my drinks at the pub after matches!). I can honestly say that this club is very welcoming, and a very fun bunch of people and I have said so many times that I am so glad I joined.


And from one of our longest serving members and fantastic umpires...


Kath Essery (umpiring in yellow in the pic above): As a 'really old member' as I joined Huntingdon in 1978!!!! the fact that I am still with the club says it all I think!!!!




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